Test your start-up idea

You have an idea but can’t imagine whether ...

... you’ll be able to turn that idea into a successful start-up. We’ll show you how to test a start-up idea on potential future customers alongside your job or course of studies. So you can make a well-founded decision on whether it’s worth embarking on the path to self-employment.

The reasons why start-ups fail are not down to difficulties with financing and the like, but are usually linked to a lack of demand for the new product/service. That’s why you should find out early on whether your idea will be accepted by customers.

To do this, it is not necessary to invest a lot of time or money. Discussions with around 100 customers over a period of 2-3 months should indicate whether your idea has a genuine chance on the market, identify your future customers and reveal what they are really looking for in your product/service.

The “lean start-up” approach from Eric Ries, the principles of customer development described by Steve Blank and the method of developing a business model using Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas represent a solid foundation on which to examine start-up ideas and develop them into viable business models.


Start-up know-how




Meeting rooms


Workshop 1
"Startup basics"

Workshop 2
"Who is my target group?"

Workshop 3
"How can I incorporate customer feedback into product development?"

What’s the next step now I’ve tested my idea?

You’ve discovered that your idea has potential and now you want to know how to transform it into a start-up. We’ll be your guides and facilitators when it comes to accelerators, sponsorship programmes, investors, partners in industry or suitable office space in Düsseldorf.

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