Losing weight begins in the mind

intueat – enjoy eating on the way to your ideal weight

Eat what you want, when you want and as much as you want – and still reach and maintain your ideal weight. This dream can become reality with the spin-off intueat because the two founders Mareike Awe and Marc Reinbach have developed a programme in which you learn to eat intuitively. You lose weight without having to give up eating anything.

Mareike Awe studied medicine like her partner. This is why she knows that: “90 percent of our day-to-day decisions are made by our subconscious.” In their company, the participants of the 16-week programme learn how to pay attention to their bodies, sense what they really need, eat what does them good and enjoy their food. “We want people to find their way back to having a healthy and relaxed relationship with food.”

Start-up with a scientific basis
The two start-up entrepreneurs developed the concept for their company partly on the basis of their own experiences. After several futile attempts at dieting, Mareike Awe herself lost ten kilos through intuitive eating four years ago and has been able to maintain her weight since then. Spurred on by this success, both graduating medical students decided to carry out more intensive research on this subject, studied scientific papers, evaluated studies, familiarised themselves with psychology and personality development.

Company founded after successful pilot phase
Their own success and the underlying scientific findings convinced their friends, family and acquaintances of their idea to help other people reach their ideal weight using a specially developed programme. The two founders recruited a pilot group from their circle of acquaintances and they successfully taught them how to eat intuitively. That was in February 2015. Five months later, Mareike Awe and Marc Reinbach launched their company “intueat”.

Founders support programme participants
Over 100 participants tested the start-up’s programme in its first half year alone. Those seeking to lose weight were given handouts, diaries, videos, audio training, the opportunity to exchange experiences in the forum and individual support from both the founders. On finishing the programme, the participants confirmed its success and shared the enthusiasm of the founders for intuitive eating.

Wide-ranging support from start-up location Düsseldorf
Although Mareike and Marc are doctors and therefore experts on their programme, they had to gather information on the business and organisational aspects of running their own company. The start-up weekend, the Center for Entrepreneurship Düsseldorf (CEDUS), the Düsseldorf Innovation and Science Agency (Düsseldorfer Innovations- und Wissenschaftsagentur - DIWA), founder meet-ups and a lively exchange with other start-up entrepreneurs and companies helped them on their way.

Awards and media response to spin-off
In addition to the enthusiastic participants, the young entrepreneurs have been delighted to read positive reports in national media and to receive an award at the 2015 Ideas Competition staged by the Heinrich Heine University. Apart from their own excitement at this success, this is an incentive to think about other programmes that could help people to improve their well-being in an innovative way.

First idea for the company: February 2015
Established: July 2015
Founders: Mareike Awe, Marc Reinbach
Number of employees: 3
Awards: 2015 Ideas Competition of Heinrich Heine University

intumind UG
Suitbertusstraße 16
40223 Düsseldorf
0157 - 78210639