Nicer ways to cook and eat

Springlane offers cooking enthusiasts lifestyle and enjoyment

The start-up Springlane is Germany's leading platform for anything to do with cooking. The Düsseldorf start-up offers its customers over 15,000 products from more than 700 brands including all the premium brands. Besides offering a range that cannot be obtained anywhere else in this form, the shopping experience provided by the founders of Springlane is a delight for customers. Well-known chefs and an editorial team of ten reveal their recipes and cooking techniques, give cooking tips, information on healthy eating and rate products or trends.

Cooking, eating and simply enjoying food and drink are the passions of Marius Till Fritzsche and Lars Wilde, the founders of Springlane. The two young men noticed that there were more and more people like themselves that liked to cook and eat sensibly. They also realised that there was nowhere that presented cooking products attractively, that offered enthusiastic foodies and amateur cooks new inspiration and encouraged them with the help of emotional photos and attractive videos to put these inspirational ideas into practice. That was when the idea of Springlane was born in 2012.

Founders convinced investors with their enthusiasm, expertise and success

The concept, the vision and the enthusiasm of the start-up entrepreneurs also convinced investors.
However, the young entrepreneur Marius Till Fritzsche says looking back: "The most difficult thing was raising the capital required." This was because the start-up needed to grow quickly to assert its position in the market. Thanks to venture capital, the founders are able to put many ideas into practice quickly, grow – and win other investors: investors provided the start-up with eleven million euros in 2015.

Start-up on growth course in three directions

The founders want to use the capital to realize their growth plans: "We want to extend our services to other countries and become the number-one providers for anything to do with cooking in Europe. We also want to establish a connection with the stationary retail market and make Springlane a true experience in the real world," said Marius Till Fritzsche explaining his vision for the future of the start-up. They also plan to develop their own brand. This brand should combine customer requirements with aesthetics. The first few products have already been developed.

Exploiting the potential of the start-up location Düsseldorf

One advantage for the growth plans is the start-up location Düsseldorf: "Düsseldorf offers many talented candidates as there are several university cities in the immediate proximity. As there are not many young companies that are as big as Springlane and carry out such international campaigns, we can offer employees great potential for development and hand over responsibility to them quickly," the young entrepreneurs are convinced.


First idea for the company: 2012 Established: 2012
Founders: Marius Till Fritzsche and Lars Wilde
Number of employees: 70


Springlane GmbH
Erkrather Str. 228d
40233 Düsseldorf

0211 - 7495510